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Meet Our Fall 2021 Recipient

Cocoa the SUPER Mini

Faith N' Friends Horse Rescue & Sanctuary | Knoxville, TN

Want to help, but not able to go grab Cocoa's Latte?

 Faith N' Friends is a non-profit 501(c) 3. Write off your donations!

About Cocoa the Super Mini

Cocoa came to Faith N Friends in August, 2014. Cocoa’s history is pretty much a mystery.  She was surrendered to Faith N Friends by owners who had purchased her at an exotics sale.   Little else is known about her life with them or before.  Faith N friends was able to take possession of Cocoa in exchange for providing $600 worth of farrier work on her owners’ other horses.

On intake, Cocoa was very underweight for a mini, probably as low as a 2 on the Henneke body condition scale.  She was infested with lice and multiple  intestinal parasites, including neck worms.  Cocoa had to be quarantined for longer than 30 days for parasite treatment alone.  She was very timid and hard to catch.

Cocoa captured our hearts and became Cocoa the Super Mini after receiving a lot of  love and attention.

Cocoa is very small and only suitable for riders under 65 pounds. She is a favorite where ever she goes and is gentle and patient with each and every child.  Cocoa is part of our pony rental team and our non-profit Mascot!

Due to her extreme distrust in humans, Cocoa has a forever home with Faith N Friends.  She is very  hard to catch!

Cocoa and the other Faith N Friends Ambassadors still require lifetime care – feeding, vetting, hoof, and dental maintenance. Your donations and sponsorships help provide the safe haven Cocoa so greatly deserves.


Meet Our Fall 2021 Recipient

Faith N' Friends welcomes ALL. They have programs for special needs and those who are seeking equine therapy or even just a day in nature! They won't be stopping there! They hope to expand and help the LGBTQ community those who have suffered abuse.

Fun fact: A horses heart beat will naturally sync to their heard members for protection. If one horse gets excited or frantic, the others heart rates will match. Thus when horses are around humans, their heart beat sync to ours as well. Pretty crazy right!? Just one of the incredible reasons why horses are so therapeutic and healing.

Big thank you to Gabrielle Mooney for you outreach in helping us create awareness for Cocoa and other like four-legged furry friends!

The horses that inspired us to sponsor Cocoa the Super Mini

Lola Gully Joseph

(to the right with stripe)

Horse daughter to Sophie Joseph, head of The Joseph Family Foundation, Lola is a 17 y/o Off-Track Chestnut Mare that was rescued and began her rehabilitation process in the year of 2013.


At Lola’s post-racetrack home, she had lacked the proper nutrition to sustain a healthy life. She was almost 400 pounds under weight with a few physical mutilations. Once this mistreatment was discovered, she had been brought to Casey’s Safe Haven, in Illinois. 

Sue Balla, the founder and owner of Casey’s Safe Haven, worked tirelessly to bring life and light back into Lola’s life. All while Sue was dedicating her time and energy towards bettering her stables’ residents, Sophie, Lola’s later person, was bringing out the trusting and lively side of Lola. Finally, after some time of growing in their bond, Sophie fully adopted Lola on June 13th, 2015. 

Lola is now at a boarding stable closer to Sophie, allowing them to continue to grow and learn together. Whether it is training with Liberty Work, having a spa day with some hose-water and soap, or growing in her riding, Lola is a remarkably special part of Sophie’s, and everyone else she meets, lives.


Miz Bea Tribbett

(to the right with small star)

Horse daughter to Hanna, founder of Hanna Bee Coffee. Bea was galloped on a broken knee. From what we know about her story is that her last race in was in December 2020 (due to her break). They left her to be taken away to Mexico or Canada which in the horse world means the slaughter pipeline. Bea is only 4 and has so much life to live!


Hanna adopted Bea in March of 2021. She currently lives at a barn in Springfield, TN living her best life in recovery.


"She’s truly one of the kindest and smartest horses I’ve ever met. She has a the BIGGEST personality and an even bigger heart. One of my favorite things about her is how curious she is. She really wants to see what you're about and is super attentive to everyone around her. I truly feel like a Bea has helped me heal more than I've helped her in any capacity." - Hanna

fnf logo1.jpg

Our Mission

Faith N Friends brings horses and people together by caring for and rehoming in-transition horses while providing therapy, education, and opportunity to our communities.

Our Vision

A world where every horse has a forever home where he is safe, loved, and healthy.

Click HERE to see their adorable adoptable horses and how you can help! 

We are so delighted to have Sophie, Brandy & Katie from The Joseph Family Foundation & Big Plan Holdings on board who will be MATCHING the amount we reach! I mean wow!!


"Help horses help people"-Faith N' Friends 


espresso + whipped hot cocoa in your choice of milk + a dash of delicious

caramel + optional whipped cream 

Also known as a cozy hot cocoa caramel latte... We know it's that "should be fall" but still hot out season transition so order it HOT or ICED!

Come find the GOLD BAR at markets and pop ups to help out Cocoa and grab her latte! You can always find our schedule in our Instagram bio here.

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