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3 Fall Makeup Trends 2021

Written by: Meraleigh Queener

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"You Complete Me"

The oversized sweaters, hot cocoa, and layering outfits are finally here once again. Tieing it all together with the perfect fall makeup look just completes the warm, earthy tones we're craving and needing to top off our seasonal aesthetics! As we inch towards the unveiling of face masks, makeup can slowly, but surely be worn and flaunted again! Everything from the minimalist look to a full smokey eye, Check out some of the hottest makeup trends for this fall by the media's top sources!

"I think pops of color will trend, from soft pastels to bold brights. You can easily pair a pop of color with a minimal look or go ultra-glam," says Claudia Soare, President of Anastasia Beverly Hills. "And wearing color in different ways, like blush through the center of the face. I also think classics like smoky eyes, liner, and bold lips always have a moment in fall."


Zendaya @Space Jam: A New Legacy premiere

According to Bazaar, The full cat-eye is a classic, but celebs lately like Sydney Sweeney have also been wearing a smaller flick—hence the “kitten eye”—as of late.

The Kitten Eye!

  • MADGE MARIL AND LINDY SEGAL "As always, Zendaya was ahead of the trend with her short, skinny eyeliner flick at the Space Jam: A New Legacy premiere."



We're bringing old trends back with a twist!


"You know the heavy kohl liner people wore ONLY on their bottom lashes for like all of 2012? Yeah, that's back. But don't worry–this time around we're doing it way better. Use shadow in an exciting color, then go big with your lashes for balance" - Kelsey Stiegman @Seventeen

Winged Eyeshadow:

Me: "omg I hate drama." Also me: wings my eyeshadow to the gods. Pump up any look with a little dragged-out shadow. Just like your eyeliner, use tape to get the perfect straight line" - Kelsey Stiegman @Seventeen


"The classic red lip got reimagined many different ways. At Sportmax and Libertine, models had their pouts boosted in bright, richly pigmented crimsons, while Dries Van Noten offered brick reds and salmon pink slicked with heavy clear gloss. “When you kiss the whole night, your lipstick goes a little bit outside the lines,” explained makeup artist Inge Grognard of the inspiration behind the latter’s soft-focus finish. Introducing more subversive twists, lips were lined in silver at Ferragamo and gold at Vivienne Westwood, while at Nina Ricci, there were iridescent, oil-slicked, and metallic pouts. Whether matte and monochrome slicked and shimmering, bold lips are bound for a comeback" - Vogue

SUPER CUTE! Post a pic of you rockin' these fall 2021 makeup trends - #BeeExtra and tag us!


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