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Breaking Down Turkish Coffee

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Have you heard of Turkish Coffee? Well in case you haven't this method of coffee brewing is so unique, fun, and originates from Turkey! What's also amazing about it is that it is fairly simple to make and tends to call for only three ingredients.

  • Water

  • Finely Ground Coffee Beans

  • Sugar

The interesting thing about brewing this cup of joe is that it is not filtered at all! There is a special cup that the grounds, water, and sugar is placed into that then goes on top of the stove. In Turkey, they call it a cezve. The key here according to our sources and research is to NOT let it get to boiling, but get it just before that point. Some even say to repeat the process a couple of times to get your desired froth("Turkish Coffee - Wikipedia").

The final importance of this delicious coffee brewing method? The serving method. They always serve it in a cute little porcelain cup. If you really want to embrace the culture, pair it with Turkish Delight! Have any of you read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? That's what the evil snow queen gave Edmund to eat on her sleigh in Narnia. Just some ending fun trivia for you all this morning!


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