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Buzz Down

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Welcome back and happy Thursday! I am so happy to be doing another buzzdown article for you all! This weekend is Halloween weekend, and are you going out? Well if not, we sure have several event opportunities we have found for you all to participate in. So keep scrolling to find the events we think are up for grabs!

Looking for a good scare? Try going to some halloween houses this weekend. Here are some of the halloween houses worth going to:

  • Dead Land Scream Park

  • Devil's Dungeon Haunted House

  • Miller's Thrillers Haunted House

Next Up: Halloween Movie Night

Go out to any theatre in Nashville this weekend to watch horror themed movies! But our theatre of choice is playing: Halloween Kills, Antlers, Ghostbusters, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and A Quiet Place Part II.

Photo Credits: Google Images

Hanna Bee Coffee Schedule

Last, but certainly not least, come out and see us this weekend! Get some coffee to wake you up after being out and about in your costumes, at parties, etc. We hope you have a great Halloween weekend!

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