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"Buzzing" Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Written By: Katie Shadoan

October 6th

Welcome back my favorite bees! We are so excited for spooky season, and we hope you are too! From speciality coffee drinks, to everything pumpkin, to trick-or-treating, we are definitely in the mood to say the least.

Now I don't know about you, but halloween costume ideas can be such a stressful thing to figure out, so don't worry we are here to help! We have decided to share some of our favorite costume ideas, and some of the top trending halloween ideas this year.

#1 Bee....please!

Y'all knew this one was bound to be on the list. But why? It's so easy, but is super cute. Not to mention you already have some experience with a bee....Hanna Bee! So grab those leggings, wear a yellow shirt, and get the headband on Amazon. It's as easy as 123! Not to mention it won't break the bank!

#2 Olivia Rodrigo

Who's another queen bee in the making? Smashing records left and right this girl has risen to the top globally on the music market with her punk, pop, mood, and rock album Sour. She was all over everyone's lists for halloween, so we had to include her!

What you need:

  • Black Latex Gloves

  • Trophy

  • Hair Clips

  • & a Cheerleading Outfit!

Pic Credits: Twitter (Olivia Rodrigo Costume)

#3 Aliens! Aliens!

Who knew Sci-Fi is was the move yet again for the trendiest costumes? We sure did. Another fairly simple, but super cute costume we are in love with!

  • You will need GLITTER

  • Matching Skirt & Top

  • Alien Headbands!

Pic Credits: Pintrest

#4 Couples Edition: MGK & Megan Fox

Can y'all say hottest couple of the year? These two have stolen the hearts of many this year on and off the camera. Not to mention both are making serious moves in their own careers.

Photo Credit: Pintrest &

  • For the boys: fake tats (or real..we love tats) wild hair and cutoff shirts

  • For the girls: Anything leather or a corset if you're really feeling into it. Some red lipstick and high heels.

#5 Cruella de Ville & Dalmatians

Who here needs a family costume idea that's cute? Don't worry, we've got you. After the movie was released, it has gained a lot of popularity. So, we have noticed this costume idea surging on so many different sites. We hope this gives you some inspo on how to do family costumes RIGHT.

Photo Credits: Daily Mail

#6 Need an easy one in a pinch? Be a Cow

This outfit is so adorable & so easy! If you need to simplify it even more just buy a baggy t-shirt use a sharpie and form the spots! Then you're done!

  • Baggy T-shirt or White Top & Skirt

  • Sharpie

Pic Credits & Idea Credits: Modern Teen

#7 Construction Workers (Group Idea)

We all love seeing the construction workers working on the roads don't we? LOL well this costume idea has been gaining a lot of buzz and popularity recently. Such a great group idea that we hope you all take a look into!

  • A construction vest

  • Caution Tape

Photo & Idea Credit:

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