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Coffee Aesthetics Appreciation

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Who here doesn't love just looking at aesthetically pleasing posts? It's something about how the photo brings to life the different features that are often missed by our own eyes. It can be as simple as capturing the moment the milk gets poured into the coffee as it blends naturally into the cup. I know you all know what I mean, and so, I have grabbed some of my personal favorites to share with you all.

Hanna Bee #1, #2, #3 (Credit: Ali Miller & Hanna Tucker)

The presentation of this drink is everything and more. From the steam climbing off the cup in the first one to the foam build up on the second I can easily say these are images I could look at all day! The third image just gives me all the Hanna Bee Vibes. It features not only our Lola Beans, but our custom mugs as well:) The table setting is beautiful as well!

Pinterest #4: Credit Anika (Chapters of May- Books and Lifestyle Blog)

There's something so cozy about coffee and a good book. This blogger does a great job at taking the things around her and blending them into photographic art.

Pinterest #5: Credit Hello Artists

Wix #6 & #7 Credit: Wix Stock Photos

Cappuccino art is so dear to my heart! The way the baristas can make a drink more special by creating patterns with the milk. Soooo pleasing!

This photo is so unique in that it features all the different roasts. It reminds me of a color wheel when you are doing painting. All the different shades. Love!!

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