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Crazy about Cocoa

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Sunday, Sept. 12th

Get to know Cocoa...the Miniature Horse at Faith N Friend Horse Rescue!

Welcome back my favorite Bees! We have an exciting thing to discuss with you this Sunday and that's facts about Cocoa...& all that we are doing to help her live her best life! She is in fact, our Queen Bee. The Mascot to Hanna Bee Coffee if you will.

Her personality?

  • Sweet, Kind, and Spunky

Her cuteness level?

  • uncharted all seriousness you guys this horse has been through it. She first came to the Faith N Friends Rescue back in 2014. She has had to battle through lice, worms, and many other issues such as a distrust in humans. So, we decided to help pitch in and make sure our gal got the best treatment she can get while she lives at Faith N Friends. That's why we made a signature latte where 50% of the proceeds will go to her care, treatment, and stay. We were inspired by her sweetness to make a drink that was equally as sweet with chocolate syrup and yummy coffee undertones with sweetness as well!

If you want to help Cocoa you can personally go to Faith N Friends website and donate...or you can buy her latte when you pop up to our Gold Bar! Things that taste good and have a good story behind them just make it a whole experience! So come out, buy her drink, and tag us with you photo so we can personally say THANK YOU!

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