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Fashion & Food?...All Things Emmy Awards 2021

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Sept. 21st

Welcome back my favorite bees! I hope you all are having a great start to the week! You called it, we are having another fashion & food (or drink) comparison article...but this time? It's EMMY TIME <3.

This year there were so many good options for who had the best actors in television for categories such as comedy that we had trouble just cheering for one! We want to know who you had on your list for best actor, and what category they fell under. So, DM us your thoughts! Now, let's get into our comparisons for Fashion & Food.

#1 Robin Thede

Robin Thede came in looking like a queen with a fluffy, statement neckline dress that gave us major cotton candy vibes, and what what's better than cotton candy? Hmmmm....maybe a Cotton Candy Latte from Hanna Bee Coffee?!! It's one of our speciality drinks, and it comes with your very own cotton candy on top to snack on. So delicious!

#2 Jason Sudeikis

Jason came in shocking the world wearing a velvet suit by Tom Ford. His normal attire...ditched for the night. We couldn't be happier, because he looked great! Not to mention he reminded us of yet another drink. The Blue Moon Latte!

#3 Rachel Lindsay

The brightness from this girl...impeccable! She looked absolutely fresh, clean, and delightful. We decided she resembled a fresh squeezed glass or orange juice. Good for the soul, and can brighten up any bad day!

Thanks again for joining us for Fashion & Food (or in this case drinks), and we can't wait to see you all back again for the Buzz Down. Remember to #BEEXTRA!

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