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Fashion & Food?...All Things Met Gala 2021

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Sept. 15th

Welcome back to another week from Hanna Bee Coffee! We are so happy for our favorite bees to be joining us in a lighthearted met gala photo comparison to some of our favorite foods and toppings.

The theme for this years Met Gala, according to Vanity Fair was, "In America". We no doubt loved every look, but here are some of our absolute favorite looks, and why? They reminded us of food...because some looks were so good they looked like a full on dish!

Coming in #1 top spot for us was Kate Hudson wearing the Michael Kors Collection and jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz

Kate's pink fluffy outfit was to die for! It was soft, fluffy, full of layers, and what better comparison of her outfit is there than to the pink marsh-mellows Peeps carries! What do you all think...would a peep marsh-mellow on top of a straw be a good idea for our next speciality spring drink??

#2 Jennifer Lopez in Ralph Lauren

You all know JLo never disappoints! This year she came in looking like a full on Mocha drink that we are here for! Chocolate anything is good, but in a coffee...even better! Her faux fur coat and hat gave us serious chocolate syrup vibes....OBSESSED!

#3 Vittoria Ceretti in Michael Kors Collection

Honey...Please! Vittoria won our hearts with this beautiful dress that resembled a sun light honey comb. She looked sweat, pure, and flat out gorgeous. A queen no doubt! We hope to be releasing some drinks coming up with honey being in we hope ya'll love honey as well!

What were some of your absolute favorite looks? Please share them on our insta dm's and why they were your favorite! We can't wait to be sharing some more exciting information with you this week, so stay tuned. Hopefully this brightens your wednesday afternoon mood!


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