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Fashion or Food CMA Edition

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Who here loves country music? Well I hope you all would since most of you are from Nashville! But even if you aren't a fan of country, there is definitely something for you to enjoy from it. We are doing yet another series of fashion or food/drinks. Here are our top picks and comparisons below!

Two Peas in a Pod

Maddie and Tae were stunning in their green outfits last night and these girls reminded us of two peas in a pod. Just look at Tae's shoes, I mean its so obvi! Not to mention the slit in Maddie's dress, we had no trouble comparing this one!

Coming in Hot like a Chile Pepper!

Tenille Townes did not disappoint. She was the lady in stunning red attire. The fit was so spicy we had to compare her to a Chile Pepper!

Deliciously a Blueberry

Carly Pearce was stunning. Her dress was simple yet so unique. We compared her to the blueberry, because while simple, they are absolutely delicious, and this look is totally giving the vibes of blueberries when they get washed. Just imagine those jewels as water droplets on a blueberry.

Photo Credits to E!

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