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Hanna Bee's Hustlers: Raven, CEO of Earth Rides

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Meet Raven, CEO of Earth Rides. She founded and launched Earth Rides just last year in Nashville. While completing her law degree at Pepperdine University, Raven was disgusted with the air quality in LA. She made a huge life changing decision to move back to Nashville and start Earth Rides with intentions of changing the world for GOOD!

EARTH RIDES: Is an all electric vehicle (currently all Tesla) ride share app. Find them making healthy cool, luxuries, and affordable!

MOTIVATION: Raven is originally FROM NASHVILLE. while completing her law degree in Los Angeles, she saw the haze of POLLUTION Over the CALIFORNIA skyline. It prompted her to make a Huge life changIng move to start earth rides back home in Nashville.

FAVORITE: One of Raven’s favorite moments with Earth Rides is seeing a first time rider’s excitement around their Teslas. It brings her back to the memory of her first ride.

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