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How to host a memorable Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Are you going to be hosting a Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving party this year? Well if so, you've once again came to the right place! We are going to give you some awesome tips to make sure it goes smoothly, is memorable, and has everyone gushing to their friends about how great your party was!

The things we are going to discuss:

  • Table Setting

  • Playful Food/Appetizers

  • Games/Ice Breakers

#1 Table Setting

Table Setting is such an important factor to how the event will go. If it's plain and simple, there will be no lasting effect to your guests. If it's unique, fun, and've hooked them! People will want to gather and be around the table, just because of how it looks! Don't worry you can do it fairly cheap! It's all about the little things you can place around the food to draw it all together. Here is a simple idea we've found for you, that all you need is some candles & candle holders, pumpkins, and greenery (Hobby Lobby). If you want to go the extra mile, go to amazon and buy colorful throwaway napkins, rose gold plastic utensils, etc.

Credit: Pinterest

#2 Playful Food/Appetizers

Turkey Fruit Tray!

This appetizer is not only yummy, but it is colorful, fun, and will for sure impress those guests! The good thing about it? It's fairly simple to make!