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Lavender...In Coffee?

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Sept. 19th

The benefits of lavender, it's effects, and how it is made for coffee!

Welcome Back my favorite Bees! I'm sure you've heard that lavender is great for sleep, but did you know it has more benefits than just that? In fact, all across the U.S., there has been a new trend in coffee and that is lavender lattes!

So, what exactly is lavender?

Lavender is a flower plant classified in the mint family that has been estimated by Everyday Health to be around for about 2,500 years. It is known for it's fresh fragrance that has a mildly sweet aroma. Back in biblical times, it was classified as a "holy herb" for it's healing effects, for wounds, burns, and overall skin improvement. It also helps fight immune diseases, and that is why some hospitals use it to help with patients dealing with insomnia, or asthma issues. How cool!

What is lavender doing in coffee?

Lavender in coffee has been a recently introduced drink. The earliest info I could find for you was an article written in 2013 from a gal who tried her very first lavender latte in LA a year prior. So just to be safe, we will say 2011 was a beginning year for the lavender latte creation. It has been added in coffee for its naturally sweet aroma, which transfers into taste when the plant itself is boiled in water with sugar, then separated through a drainer to separate the flower buds from the water. It is then used (the boiled water & sugar), as a syrup to be put into the coffee. As someone who has personally had a lavender latte (mine was a lavender honey combo latte), I can easily say it tastes wonderful. The best part about it? It's ALL natural! While most syrups are not 100% natural, you can count on this concoction to be vitality in a cup! So with the weather change coming up, I would suggest trying out a lavender latte, or if you're a little apprehensive, start out with a vanilla honey latte, then work your way up to adding in the lavender!

For my #BEEXTRA bees....a recipe to create your very own lavender syrup!

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