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Menu Blog....want to get a free surprise added to your drink?

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Sept. 7th

Pumpkin, Glitter, Cotton Candy...OH MY!

Welcome back to the week my favorite coffee lovers! I hope you had the best of weekends as we wrapped up summer and started preparing for fall! With that said, here's whats new with Hanna Bee Coffee:

New Sections to our Menu:

  • Expresso Based Drinks

  • Speciality Drinks

  • Non Coffee Drinks

The drink we are most excited about to share with you that has a FREE perk?

Our all new Pumpkin (Glitter) Latte. It is a cup filled with pumpkin flavors to die for and as fall come so quickly, we want to give you the glitter topping....FREE! So whenever you order make sure to ask for the glitter topping to add a little sparkle, flavor (yes, it's edible!), and make your coffee instagrammable!

Stay tuned for more information from the blog posts this week as we discuss Cocoa the horse and her specialty latte that not only is super delicious, but also supports funding her every day needs at the Faith N Friends Horse Rescue!

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