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Ooh La Lola Coffee Beans

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Written by: Hanna Bee Tucker

Edited by: Meraleigh Queener

Thursday, August 3, 2021

Who We Are:

Coffee is a never-ending conversation and stretches from any angle. The taste, the aroma, body, the notes and accents, the origin, the roasting or brewing process, and onward. Coffee isn't just a substance to us. It brings comfort on a rainy day. It's a blanket of warmth on a cold, autumn evening. It's a refreshing boost in the hot summer days and it's a community for people of all races, gender identities, values, and belonging.

You belong here at Hanna Bee Coffee. You're totally worth a million bucks and we make sure you know that.

About Us & Our Coffee:

At Hanna Bee Coffee, serving you the highest quality coffee possible is our utmost priority. Founded by radio host Hanna Bee out of Nashville, TN, Hanna Bee Coffee beans are from local farms and roasted in small batches for the ultimate flavor, quality, taste, and freshness. Your thoughts, feelings, and preferences mean everything to us as we encourage everyone to be their true, authentic, and #extra selves. You won't leave our bar without a smile and a custom, handcrafted beverage with an abundance of sparkles feeling like the price of gold.

​Try our very first and signature whole bean "LOLA" from the Highlands of Indonesia with hints of dark chocolate, floral, and citrus. Learn more about the history of our coffee below:

Our Lola Beans: