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She's In The Glow: The GOLD BAR Story

Author: Hanna Bee

Editor: Meraleigh Queener

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Future is GOLDEN.

Photo by: Ali Miller

From Music Maker to Taste Maker:

Starting a business is hard. It's way more than a cute name and fun products. It's a lifestyle. A life investment. A risk. Hanna Bee Coffee is an independent woman-owned coffee business and roaster located in the heart of Nashville of Music City. But it wasn't a concept put together overnight. It was an everlasting dream that began as a side - gig on top of a full-time job. In fact, with a history of professional modeling and radio -djing, Hanna worked full-time as a radio host for THE HOT 106.7. As Covid-19 merged early in the year 2020, Hanna had to take a step back from radio but was blessed in return with her very own coffee company. With a heart made of gold, little did she know her growing small business gave people love, hope and community worth more than #GOLD.

How the GOLD BAR Came To Be - Where The Gold Things Are:

Founder of Hanna Bee Coffee, Hanna got her name from her radio career. She started as Hanna B, 'B' coming from her middle name. She explains,

"One day a fellow radio host wrote the bee emoji in place of the “B” and thus the bee theme was born!"

As a born lover of gold and glitter, Hanna established her passion for gold as a symbol for honey, which is amazing paired with coffee.

The concept of the Gold Bar just made too much sense," she says.

If It's GOLD, It's US: Serving You Sparkles & Smiles