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She's In The Glow: The GOLD BAR Story

Author: Hanna Bee

Editor: Meraleigh Queener

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Future is GOLDEN.

Photo by: Ali Miller

From Music Maker to Taste Maker:

Starting a business is hard. It's way more than a cute name and fun products. It's a lifestyle. A life investment. A risk. Hanna Bee Coffee is an independent woman-owned coffee business and roaster located in the heart of Nashville of Music City. But it wasn't a concept put together overnight. It was an everlasting dream that began as a side - gig on top of a full-time job. In fact, with a history of professional modeling and radio -djing, Hanna worked full-time as a radio host for THE HOT 106.7. As Covid-19 merged early in the year 2020, Hanna had to take a step back from radio but was blessed in return with her very own coffee company. With a heart made of gold, little did she know her growing small business gave people love, hope and community worth more than #GOLD.

How the GOLD BAR Came To Be - Where The Gold Things Are:

Founder of Hanna Bee Coffee, Hanna got her name from her radio career. She started as Hanna B, 'B' coming from her middle name. She explains,

"One day a fellow radio host wrote the bee emoji in place of the “B” and thus the bee theme was born!"

As a born lover of gold and glitter, Hanna established her passion for gold as a symbol for honey, which is amazing paired with coffee.

The concept of the Gold Bar just made too much sense," she says.

If It's GOLD, It's US: Serving You Sparkles & Smiles

The GOLD BAR is all about inclusive exclusivity. As a business, Hanna and her team strive to create a personal and unique experience you’ll remember through extensive and carefully designed drink recipes served with custom preparation and a sparkly smile; especially homemade signature lattes.

OH, and sparkles. Physically and metaphorically. She adds,

"We are all about treating yourself, hence “it’s okay to #beextra!"We want to give you the extra syrup shot, the full “gold” treatment without breaking the bank." Photo by: Ali Miller

Extra Love. Not Hassel:

That's right! No more paying seven dollars for a quality medium latte anymore. Hanna Bee Coffee is your new coffee and confidence booster without sacrificing for the needed love. They are all about that extra. Pamper yourself with a caramelly vanilla iced latte with extra whipped cream at no extra as The GOLD BAR currently doesn't charge #extra for alternative milk or syrups!

#beingextra giving you that extra shot of vanilla syrup, making your drink just how you like it!

Where We Are: #Nashy

You can find the GOLD BAR out on the streets, events, birthdays. The Gold Bar is currently a pop-up shop active every weekend locally in the Nashville area. Updates are posted regularly on Hanna Bee Coffee Instagram, @hannabeecoffee and the blogs posted weekly on the website!

"You can even treat your wedding guests to a lovely boost after your ceremony! Well even work with you to design a special signature latte!"

What's Next?

Learn about some of the events, promotions, campaigns, and Ideas we have planning for the future!

Spread The Sparkle: a program where we give back! A select charity or good cause will be the recipient of a month-long fundraiser. They will receive proceeds from a signature latte we craft with the charity and their designated spokesperson! Look out for fun collaborations and interview content on this in the near future!

We currently pop up around #Nashville:

  1. Abednego

  2. Apple & Oak

  3. Molly Green Hillsboro

  4. Dress Up Hillsboro

  5. Vinnie Louise 12 South

  6. Porter Shop’s First Sunday’s (East Nashville),

  7. Big Plan Holdings

  8. White’s Mercantile

  9. JW Marriot and more! Full-time (steady & consistent) schedule coming soon!

Join For Perks!

Sign up for email alerts on and get exclusive access to events, merch discounts, free coffee, and MORE! Be on the lookout for:


  • Gold Card (membership punch card) "Become a GOLD Member"

  • Mystery location scavenger hunt!

  • We're going green! Working on ways to contribute to help our planet! We recycle!

  • Look for our Signature Gold straws! (If it’s gold, it’s us!) They’re biodegradable!

Photo by: Ali Miller


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