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Simplicity Can Be Rich: Hanna Bee Coffee Signature Roast

Written by: Meraleigh Queener

Get Used To Receiving

You’ve snoozed your alarm for the eighth time. And now you don’t have time for makeup - much less your daily morning routine. Ugh. Maybe a protein bar and applying a ‘get er dune’ clumpy coat of mascara in the car while driving to work will do - but honey, let’s face it. It’s rush hour and you’re flooring it. You’ve worked hard last week pushing through the long hours at work and your weekend run of tossing errands, wine with your babes, date night with your boo, and dinner at mom’s. You’ve cut out time and a solid chunk of your paycheck to buy your bestie that really cute Louis Vuitton she’s been eyeing and your sweet elderly neighbor Betty needed help walking her spoiled, yappy, short-legged doggo. You give with no take and you love everyone with all of your might without expecting in return...except hoping for some exchange of acknowledgment or generosity every now and then would be nice. One thing you should know is that no one else is you and you are not forgotten about. Your efforts don’t go unseen. And it’s time for you to have some ‘you’ time. In Ariana Grande’s ‘Point of View ‘ (pun DEFINITELY intended) It’s your turn to receive and you better get used to it because it’s unbelievably simple and it tastes so good.

Secret Ingredient: Magic Lola Beans

Hanna Bee Coffee beans come from local farms and are routinely roasted in small batches known to adequately produce the highest quality of flavor, naturalness, and freshness. What’s even more rad is that Hanna Bee’s Signature Roast derives from Lola Coffee Beans making the company’s very first and signature whole bean "LOLA" from the Highlands of Indonesia with hints of dark chocolate, floral, and citrus. This unique handpicked blend mutually entitled as nature’s finest coffee beans bursts with volume, definition, and caliber. There’s lots of magic in its quality, flavor, and freshness, but the real magic is in the origin story. Who’s Lola? The particular origination of coffee grown worldwide is unknown to mankind, but legend has it that coffee initially began as an Ethiopian Legend. Kaldi, a farmer and goat herder in the Ethiopian plateau made this discovery through recognizing his zippy, sleepless goats while eating berries from a certain tree. After making his reports to the local monastery, Kaldi and the abbot of the monastery made a drink containing the berries and experienced satisfactory levels of energy throughout their long hours of prayer. Soon the magic berries (later known as magic beans) became the new talk of the cultivation expanding from the east, to the Arabian peninsula, to eventually worldwide. The cultivation and trade of coffee later began in the 15th century where beans were grown in the Yemeni district of Arabia, later known as Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey where people enjoyed the culture of coffee in their homes and in coffeehouses over music, conversation and games of chess (National Coffee Association). However, Lola beans provide for a far more delicate freshness and a higher quality cup of coffee than just your average coffee bean. The brewed Lola bean appears bright, thin, and light but compensates for a simple, yet full figure. Don’t underestimate the bold, complex Indonesian beans. The name ‘Lola’ interestingly derives from a dog named Lola who was a rescue at a puppy mill. After being caged and requiring traumatic knee surgery, she grew to be a strong warrior that later inspired Lola coffee beans.

Rise & Grind

Now I’m speaking your language babes. How do you take your coffee? The essence, sweet serenade, and rich aroma from Hanna Bee’s Lola Beans is a cup of heaven in liquid golden bliss. And the accuracy in that statement is unreal as I naively was only vaguely aware of when I unexpectedly (and quite literally) indulged my first dose. Caffeine might be your drug now but Hanna Bee’s signature blend is your next. I usually take my coffee with either honey and oat milk, almond milk, or the classic cream and sugar depending on the roast and the situation providing. To declutter, I never drink black coffee because I’ve not found the perfect blend that is balanced to my taste alone. I dodge bullets even at quality roasts dreading the robust acidity and burnt aftertaste that’s marketed to be herbal or smokey. But NOT this blend. The aromas are deep, savory, rich but yet subtle. The dark cacao creates a full-bodied foundation as citrus and floral elements bleed their compelling touches surfacing detail to their captivating pleasures. Hanna Bee’s Signature Roast is the first blend of coffee I’ve ever willingly and consumed AND genuinely loved. It doesn’t need cream, milk of any kind, or even sugar. If you have more of a sweet tooth, a teaspoon or two of honey or a sprinkle of raw sugar amends the perfect razzle-dazzle to the savory smooth signature blend. I was genuinely taken aback. I don’t drink black coffee. But now I do. And I even look forward to waking up in the morning now all because of this coffee roast. What was a morning routine is now a celebrated morning ritual. It’s my first step to millions more in my day. This coffee is the gift that keeps giving. Who knew the simple act of waking up could be so rewarding? You better get used to receiving because beauty is simple, yet so rich. I want to love me the way my coffee does.

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