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Teas that Please. Recipes & More!

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Looking for some easy tea ideas to help you get over those groggy sinuses? Have no fear, we have several options of recipes for you to try. Say good bye to those germs, and hello to healthier living. This first recipe is one that is so easy to make all on your own. It calls for water, fresh lemon, and honey. It doesn't take long either which is why it's a favorite for us! For details on how to make it, check this site out:

Moroccan Sore Throat Tea

This recipe only requires three ingredients, but it is sure to kick away any type of cold!

  • Ground Ginger

  • Honey

  • Lemon Juice (Fresh)

It takes approximately 10 min to make and only take boiling the water then stirring in the ingredients. For the full break down go check out their website for more information!

If you aren't a fan of hot tea...don't worry we've got you! Below is some great iced teas that are even convenient to store for a day or two.