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The Buzz Down

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Welcome back my favorite bees! The weekend is almost here....can you feel it? If not don't worry, we will start getting you ready for the weekend with some fun things you can do in Nashville!

#1 Christmas Lights!

It might sound early, but it starts this weekend, and that's why we want to give you a head start! This weekend on the 20th, you can go see the "Holiday Lights" at the Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.

#2 Go to the 100 Taylor Arts Market

Do you like food, art, and music? Well there will be local artists with their art out for you to buy or look at, and there will also be some yummy places you can stop by in between.

#3 Get outside and run while listening to some awesome music

The annual Rock 'n' Roll Nashville race is continuing once again and will be held on the this weekend! But don't worry, you can do a mile, a 5k, 6.15, Half Marathon, or a Full Marathon. Not to mention, you can listen to awesome music and hang out with some Nash folks!

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