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The Glitter Guide: The ‘Highlight’ of My Life

Written by: Meraleigh Queener

Monday, July 12, 2021

Winner, Winner Sparkle & Glitter:

Okay, so you’re absolutely gorgeous by the way. So what do you mean you “don’t do the glitter?” Or maybe you do, but perhaps it’s reserved for that special occasion. But honey, that special occasion is today. And tomorrow. It’s every day! Don’t be so shy anymore and definitely never fear overdoing it because my dear, there is no such thing as too much glitter. You deserve to treat yourself and with that beauty of yours, it would be an absolute waste not to let that inner and outer beauty shine! I don’t know about you but wearing some sparkles makes me feel like I did something hella right and with my favorite glitter products and palettes, you’ll be feelin’ hella right too!

For part two of the Glitter Guide, we’ll discuss highlighters and move onward to other products and uses in future glitter guides in this multi-series blog.

The ‘Highlights’ of My Life:

Let’s talk about the pretty pamper highlighters. Just like my eye glitter, I like my highlighter to be wearable, which is important when you desire comfort, long-lasting shine, and a lightweight sensation when wearing it. You want “oohs,” and “ahh’s” from those who see you! With these products, you’ll never fail to receive that “Highlighter on FLEEK!” from your boos.

Let’s discuss your bright & flamboyant holographic highlighters and the best sun-kissed shimmery glow highlighters.

OKAY. This beauty is a freakin rainbow of pastel decor. And its sweeping finish is striking, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The stunning quad color-changing palette is pleasantly appealing to the cheekbones identifying flawless definition your eyes eternally glued to. To describe this breed as a ‘highlighter even wouldn’t describe it as Kat Von D identifies this wonder as a ‘prismatic transformer.’ Each scheme has a clear base but shifts to the color listed in their names like pink, violet, and blue.

Like what you’re seeing? It’s on sale for just $10 right now!

Highlight The Details:

Product Description: Highlight everything with the Alchemist Holographic Palette, featuring 4 magical prismatic shades, which you can wear solo or layer to your heart’s content. The super-special hybrid formula features Double Dimension Technology. This first-of-its-kind formula is packed with 360° refractive pearls, dipped in a prismatic coating, to deliver twice the transforming power. Each shade in the palette catches the light from every angle for a spectrum of luminizing special effects, perfect for highlighting cheekbones, eyes, nose, lips, collarbone, Cupid’s bow—anywhere you want to achieve an ethereal, iridescent highlight. It also doubles as a shimmer eyeshadow or lipstick top coat. And because the formula is packed with top-quality pearlescent particles, a little goes a long way—even a subtle application delivers major impact. Inspired by the ancient science of Alchemy, the art of transforming natural materials into a precious elixir, this holographic makeup palette is part shimmer highlighter, part top coat and part transformer, so it’s perfect for customizing finishes and exploring your self-expression.

Ingredients? Made with love! Read about them HERE.

You absolutely cannot have a proper conversation about sparkle and glow without discussing Anastasia’s Sun Glow Kit. OH MY. This soft, radiant beauty shines with the sun’s rays transforming you into an instant beach babe. If you’re craving for that soft, sexy sun-kissed glow, this everlasting formula contains the perfect amount of shine for that ‘Wow’ factor. Your makeup bag simply cannot exist without such.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit® is a must-have powder highlighter palette containing 4 shades of highlighter powder in metallic, warm-bronze hues. This face makeup collection delivers intense luminosity to complement every makeup look. With a lightweight, refined formula, each shade in this highlighting makeup kit delivers buildable coverage with a metallic-luster finish. The neutral shade range of this powder highlighter palette is ideal for any skin tone and can be used to highlight anywhere on the face, body, eyes, and lips.


Shades can be used for highlighting the eyes, face, and body

The neutral shade range is ideal for any skin tone

The removable magnetic-backed pans make it easy to customize your palette

Vegan and cruelty-free

Shades included:

Bronzed (Amber with a penny metal finish)

Tourmaline (Warm taupe with a rose gold finish)

Moonstone (Radiant quartz with a pearl finish)

Summer (Luminous sand with a white gold finish)

Get your shine on! Tell us about your experience! Remember to #BeExtra

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