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The Weekend Buzz

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Welcome back my favorite bees! It's been a while since we have done a weekly buzz article, but we hope you all have enjoyed our seasonal recipes, table set ideas, and halloween inspo. Here are a few things you can do this weekend in Nashville!

#1 Visit the pumpkin patch

Looking for a fun short trip with the family or friends? Hop on over to the pumpkin patch. Get some cider, get a pumpkin, and drink some hot cocoa.

Here are a couple of the best voted ones:

  • Shuckles

  • Gentry's

  • Lucky Ladd Farms

#2 Haunted Houses

With Halloween coming up so soon, the time to hit a haunted house is starting to lessen. With that being said, get your tickets now, because the closer it get's to Halloween the more busier and the higher the prices! Our favorite? Nashville's Slaughterhouse.

#3 Hanna Bee Coffee Schedule

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