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Timeline Worthy Instagram Inspo: Coffee Edition

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Ever have trouble finding ways to spice up your timeline or IG story? Well don't worry here are some very easy steps and examples we have found...(thanks Pinterest) that can help you gain all the attention.

#1 Make it natural

Don't take a picture of just your coffee! Take a picture of what you're working on, your surroundings, etc. This will create an aesthetic that is worthy of attention. Not to mention finding the perfect filter (I'd suggest neutrals) to pair with the photo to really bring it alive!

credit: Pinterest

#2 Create some art around your coffee

Instagram stories allows you to draw, so draw lines, hearts, boxes, whatever you want around your focal point to capture your audience. If you have good handwriting write something catchy or fun to go along with it!

credit: Pinterest

#3 When in a group, post only the drinks together!

It's become a HUGE trend, but only post your drinks clinking together in a cheer formation. I know it's sad that the other person's face isn't in it, but it does call attention to the coffee art in itself. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing it is. Don't worry, you can still tag them!

credit: Pinterest

#4 Have the background of the shop if it's cute

The only time you should post a coffee photo with the background showing significantly is if it goes with the theme. For example, this one is perfect, because it is clearly a cute coffee shop, with fun lights, wooden tones, and industrial vibes. If it was a white wall, we'd say pass.

credit: Pinterest

#5 If it's art, share it!

If your barista has worked hard to make you a heart, a leave, a flower, etc. You better expect they want that street credit for some better tips. Not to mention it makes your coffee experience so much better! So, grab your phone and take a photo of that coffee art. Bonus points if you ask the barista for their handle to credit them!

credit: Pinterest

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