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What coffee has the most caffeine?

Written By: Katie Shadoan

Want to know which coffee has the most caffeine? It could mean the difference between you falling asleep or why it's keeping you up at night. Here's our ranking out of 10 with the highest content of caffeine to the lowest. We searched many sites, and google in general, but here's where we rank them!

(Highest to lowest)

#1 Cold Brew ~200 mg

#2 Redeye ~159mg

#3 Macchiato ~ 80mg

#4 Latte ~173mg

#5 Cappuccino ~173 mg

#6 Americano ~94-150mg

#7 Black Coffee ~ 70 mg

#8 Espresso ~64mg

#9 Frappuccino ~50 mg

#10 Mocha ~12.67 mg

If you are thinking man, my drink has a crazy amount of caffeine...don't worry it's safe to consume up to 400mg of caffeine a day. Here is another site that also did some research on caffeine content if you aren't convinced ours is accurate. After all, this all can differ on size of drink and type as well.

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