Hanna Bee Coffee

Hanna Bee Coffee was founded by former Top 40 radio host Hanna Bee out of Nashville, TN. HBC was always a goal of Hanna's. She was let go from her dream radio job that she had finally achieved due to COVID and thought, if there's any time to fully dive into coffee, now would be it. Turning a negative into a positive HBC started with 12oz whole bean bags launched in December 2020 named Lola. These beans are medium roasted from the Highlands of Indonesia with hints of rich dark chocolate, fresh yet earthy floral, and crisp citrus. 


HBC beans are from small local farms and roasted in small batches for the ultimate flavor, freshness, and quality.

In June 2021 HBC launched our mobile coffee cart the GOLD BAR! In Aug 2021 we launched our 2nd. At our GOLD BARS (Joan & Jen) we strive to serve you neat experiences with our crafted drinks that are one of a kind! You can find us hitting the streets at markets and pop ups at boutiques. We also offer our bars for private events. A great way to offer something special for your guests.

And remember... It's ok to #beextra.


You will find at HBC we embrace our feminine side through our products! Think inclusive exclusivity with a hint of luxury. Our goals are to encourage you to be your best self, enjoy life and treat yourself sometimes because you deserve it! In Hanna's former workplaces, she found herself over worked and realized so many people in the US are experiencing the same. Which is why we want to remind you: Don't forget to stop and smell the lilies here & there, turn a dial, get the side of guac, and listen to the leaves rustle. Hence the meaning behind our saying #beextra. We also want to encourage a fair work place for women and men and aim to lead by example in the business world.

Great for a daily drink, it's not highly complex which i like.

I enjoy the taste of coffee (not flavors, sweeteners or additives) so this really hit the mark.

This would make a fantastic house brew for any coffee shop.

-Doug Houston, Texas


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