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Hanna Bee Coffee is a woman and family owned coffee company based out of Nashville, TN. HBC was founded by former Top 40 radio host Hanna and her husband Ken in Nashville, TN in 2020. 

We are constantly making strides to be not only as eco-friendly as possible, but embody more natural, colorful, lively ingredients! In June 2021 HBC launched our mobile coffee cart the GOLD BAR! At our GOLD BARS we strive to serve you unique experiences with our crafted drinks that are one of a kind! Book us to add something special and unique for your next event! 

Our goals are to welcome you into a safe space, encourage you to be your best self, enjoy life and treat yourself  because you deserve it! We want you to take a vacation when you step through our doors.

Don't forget to book that vacay, stop and smell the lilies, turn a dial, hit the beach, and get the side of guac.

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You might be wondering why we don't have a bee for our logo... Well technically we do! Meet Miz Bea the horse! 

Miz Bea had been left unwanted after breaking her knee from racing. Sadly she was placed in auction where most horses get picked up and sold for consumption. She was one of the few lucky ones!

FUN FACT: Horses hearts do something super special called coupling. It means they synchronize their hearts with each other! Studies show that horses heart beats also synchronize with humans. Part of the reason why they've become such amazing therapy animals. They've even been known to help people with disabilities learn to walk!


Our Mission

We believe everything should occur and be disposed of as Mother Nature intended. Not only that, we believe as a coffee shop that utilizes single use utensils & packaging, it's our responsibility to help make a difference. We will expand our eco-friendly efforts with compostable & regenerative materials (such as our corn based cold cups & bamboo straws) as we grow! And we don't plan to stop there! Happy plants, happy naturally raised and grown food = a happier and healthier YOU! - Hanna, Ken & the HBC team

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© 2020 by Hanna Bee Coffee LLC Nashville, TN

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